Al-Rububiyah Fial-Quran

Jufri, Muhammad Al-Rububiyah Fial-Quran. Tasamuh, 4 (2). pp. 175-184. ISSN 2086-6291

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Allah is the name of God who mostly be popular. He is known as lafz al-jalalah in Arabic. This word contains mysterious values. He dominates (authority) all life and lives, and so all creatures servant to him. Many commentator on the Koran view said that “Allah” is from “Llah” word, which is affixed (added) character alif and lam, so is the special name for Allah. Rabb term means: Allah who educates, teaches knowledge, takes care of (pretects) and others, all these dominate concept of Rububiyyah on the Koran perspectives. Furthermore, the concept of Rububiyah in the Korean is meant by Rabb and Rabbany concept. In this matter, as protection in this world, Allah Rabbul Alamin is characteristics of his Rububiyah. In the application, human have to implement the characteristics to the good attitude. The end, human being also have to increase their spiritual values and God attitude for their be live happy, whether for in the world or here after.

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